Lab-Based Drug Testing & Medical Review Officer (MRO)

The MRO will determine whether the drug can legally be present in the donor's system. It is important to remember, that some prescription drugs may present as illegal substances on a drug test. The Medical Review Officer will contact the donor directly to discuss any prescription medications, the dose of these medications and the prescribing doctor. If the donor has a valid prescription for the specific medication found in the urine sample, then it will not be considered a positive drug test.  

We only use a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Certified Lab that follows all current protocols and conduct confirmation testing with the highest standards available.   It is important to note that rigorous forensic toxicology standards are followed by this SAMHSA lab to guarantee a solid legal defense of any actions taken based on a drug test result. 


Confirmation of Positive POCT to Lab 

Lab Based Test  

Lab Based Test plus Breath Alcohol  


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